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General - Why should I sell on Tera?

We’re making it easier than ever to sell planet-friendly products. By joining the Tera sellers community, you’re guaranteed to receive a whole bunch of perks for helping the planet. Whether it’s personal assistance setting up your page, being featured in SEO optimized lifestyle and buying guides, or collaborating with us on new ideas we do everything in our power to make sure you and the planet thrive.

Tell Your Story - It’s Not Just About Selling

  • Tera is a platform to share your brand’s values, story, articles and videos
  • Be featured in Tera’s podcasts and social media
  • Connect in the community with you costumes and other sellers

Planet Friendly - Help Drive Climate Action

  • Join a like-minded, climated focused, marketplace 
  • Team up with a Benefit Corporation
  • Automatically offset your customers carbon footprint

Value Driven - You’re Not On Your Own

  • Collaborate with us on new idea
  • Assisted store setup with a human being 
  • No listing or advertising fees